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“Bluey’s Fun Facts”

On 27 November, 1883 the Governor of Western Australia, Sir Frederick Napier Broome, declared that there would be "a townsite on the North Western point of Roebuck Bay hereafter to be known and distinguished as Broome." Broome was not driven by ego. He did not name the town after himself. The Western Australian Surveyor–General, John Forrest, had named the town. However it was Broome who proclaimed it. He was, however, less than impressed with the settlement claiming that it was nothing more than three graves and a few itinerants. He didn't realise that it would attract over 300,000 tourists every winter and become one of Australia's most famous holiday resorts! 😎☀️ Blue Seas Resort, Cable Beach Broome, where else? Call 08 9192 0999 or book online .

Breathtaking Kimberley

Broome's amazing turquoise waters and intensely coloured red earth is the perfect gateway to the magnificent Kimberley, Australia's last Great Wilderness Frontier, many find hard to resist. Please share your Kimberley adventure,we'd love to hear your story. Call 08 9192 0999 or book online Blue Seas Resort, Cable Beach Broome, where else?

Bucket list worthy!

The Staircase to the Moon is a natural phenomenon observed in Broome Western Australia between April and October only. It is caused by the rising of a full moon reflecting on the exposed mudflats at extremely low tide creating a beautiful optical illusion of a staircase reaching up to the moon. The Staircase Markets are held at the Town Beach Reserve on Robinson Street over the two nights of the full moon April – October. Wander around the colourful local stalls under the stars, sample the tastes of Broome cuisine, listen to local live music and take in the spectacular Staircase to the Moon.
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